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Deputy pickett 3rd annual remembrance day

June 26, 2021 | Boone county fairgrounds

3rd Annual Remembrance Day Details

boone county fairgrounds

1300 E 100 S, Lebanon, IN 46052

Enter 4-H Fairgrounds via Indianapolis Ave entrance and follow signs

June 26th, 2021



$10 Per Car

Activities Include:

Cornhole Tournament

Teams of 2 will compete throughout the day. Winning team will win two sets of brand new thin blue line cornhole boards! Must be registered ahead of time.

Register your team

Kid's zone

Bounce houses, coloring pages, photo booth, and Write a Letter to a Deputy

Hot dogs for Heroes

Hot dogs, chips, and a drink for a donation—proceeds go to support the purchase of a highly trained PTSD service dog for Teddy Gauthier.


Jacob Pickett Response Organization challenge coins, stickers, keychains, Deputy Jake Pickett Memorial Bears, EOW stickers, and Christmas ornaments will be for sale as well as other merchandise.

Order your tshirt here before June 1st.

Red Cross Blood Drive in honor of Jake

Donate and make a difference in honor of Jake’s selflessness in giving to others.

Special Response Team demo

Special Response Team explains the training, equipment and dedication required to serve as an SRT member.

BCSO K9s Demonstation

Meet the K9 Units of Boone County. K9’s will be in attendance at the event and demos will be performed at 12pm and 2pm.

Silent Auction

Place your bid on various items available for auction. Winners will be announced near the end of the event. Proceeds will go to support the purchase of a highly trained PTSD service dog for Teddy Gauthier.

Continuing the mission to #respondlikejake

On June 26, we will respond to the needs of the Gauthier family

Partnering with the Hero Family Outreach:
Paws 4 PTSD program to raise funds for PTSD service dog training.

Teddy’s story 

My name is Teddy Gauthier. I grew up in Florida and served in Intelligence for 7 years in the Army. I deployed to Iraq and didn’t realize what that did to me, but others noticed. I was Honorably Discharged October 2009 and started 3 weeks later with Carmel PD. No down time.

You don’t talk about PTSD when you are on the job. You just get the job done. You see things you cannot unsee and just like a junk drawer, when you don’t talk about those things and keep shoving it in the drawer, eventually it bursts open. That junk comes out in the form of anxiety attacks, blackouts, depression, anger, pushing people away, and lack of sleep to name just a few. I helped others with their mental health but didn’t get help for myself. With all of these symptoms and more affecting myself, my family, and my job, I agreed to get help and medically retired from the PD and in the process had to relinquish my K9 partner.

I still have nightmares and triggers but with help from my counselor, I can recognize them more often and occasionally just have to walk away or hide for a bit until I can regain control. I believe a PTSD Service Dog would benefit me and help keep me on the right track of managing my life and enjoying time with my wife and 4 boys.

I am thankful to Hero Family Outreach (HFO) and Jacob Pickett Response Organization (JPRO) for partnering together to raise funds to provide me with a PTSD Service Dog through HFO’s Paws 4PTSD program. I can’t wait to meet my new 4-legged partner when training is complete.

3 easy steps to join the movement

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Let’s get the word out and make the 3rd Annual Jacob Pickett Remembrance Day the biggest yet.

The Boone County Fairgrounds will host the day with a number of events and a very special chance to help a law enforcement family experiencing tragedy.


Donate. Volunteer. Spread the word. Find a way to respond like Jake in your individual lives. Responding like Jake is a way of life. Embrace it!

We’ll see you June 26th, 2021 – A day where tragedy is overshadowed by good.