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Tragedy Is Unconventional

We count on our law enforcement members every day. Their families are an integral part of their service, standing with them as they serve our communities. However when tragedy hits a law enforcement family in an unconventional way, one that is not clearly defined to provide conventional support, then there is often none to be found. Tragedies like a spouse’s devastating diagnosis, a sick child, a tragic accident, or a mental health crisis. These command unconventional action.

In memory of our befallen hero, Jake Pickett, and all those who give selflessly as he had, we choose to respond. Especially when support is otherwise missing. We will step up and #respondlikejake.

How we can help

Relieve hardships for the law enforcement family

Find unconventional ways to help ease the effect of tragedy

Support a more caring world

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for time sensitive immediate critical needs


for medical, household, professional, and family needs


for families to handle crises with less day to day stress

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The Gauthier Family:

Facing the unseen with a 4-legged partner 
Read Teddy's Story

My name is Teddy Gauthier. I grew up in Florida and served in Intelligence for 7 years in the Army. I deployed to Iraq and didn’t realize what that did to me, but others noticed. I was Honorably Discharged October 2009 and started 3 weeks later with Carmel PD. No down time.


You don’t talk about PTSD when you are on the job. You just get the job done. You see things you cannot unsee and just like a junk drawer, when you don’t talk about those things and keep shoving it in the drawer, eventually it bursts open. That junk comes out in the form of anxiety attacks, blackouts, depression, anger, pushing people away, and lack of sleep to name just a few. I helped others with their mental health but didn’t get help for myself. With all of these symptoms and more affecting myself, my family, and my job, I agreed to get help and medically retired from the PD and in the process had to relinquish my K9 partner.


I still have nightmares and triggers but with help from my counselor, I can recognize them more often and occasionally just have to walk away or hide for a bit until I can regain control. I believe a PTSD Service Dog would benefit me and help keep me on the right track of managing my life and enjoying time with my wife and 4 boys.


I am thankful to Hero Family Outreach (HFO) and Jacob Pickett Response Organization (JPRO) for partnering together to raise funds to provide me with a PTSD Service Dog through HFO’s Paws 4PTSD program. I can’t wait to meet my new 4-legged partner when training is complete.”

We partnered with Hero Family Outreach: Paws4PTSD program to purchase his service dog.

The Farinella Family:

Conquering the path to remission

“JPRO is an organization that is and will always be very close to my heart! Their donation to myself and family a few years ago, really helped with the medical bills that were coming in after a very shocking stage IV lung cancer diagnosis. I am happy to say that as of August 27, 2021, I was told that I am in remission! Thank you again JPRO for everything you do for the law enforcement families in need. You truly are appreciated!”

-Amanda Farinella

Read Amanda's Story


On October 9th, 2019, Amanda Farinella was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer with metastasizes to the spine, ribs, vertebrae, lymph nodes, and liver. She is a loving wife to her husband, Joe Farinella, who is a deputy for Tipton County Sheriff’s Department. She is an amazing mother to two daughters (3rd and 5th grade), and a fur-momma to their retired police K9 Aik. Amanda is known by others to be sweet, caring, and hard-working.


On March 7th, 2020, we hosted the 2nd Annual Deputy Jacob Pickett Remembrance Day as a fundraiser for the Farinella family. The Jacob Pickett Response Organization donated money raised to help cover medication costs, cancer treatments, and any ancillary services she and her family needed along this journey.

The Sanford Family:

Support through a tough battle with covid
The Sanford family came to us while Doug Sanford, a Hamilton County Animal Control Deputy, had been battling Covid 19. He was hospitalized on December 5th, 2021, fighting for his life on a ventilator and ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

We banded together with prayers and donations to help with accruing medical bills, ready to go meals for long days spent at the hospital for his wife, and a doggy daycare pass for the family’s beloved dog who was spending much time alone at home. We facilitated resources to help her with day-to-day responsibilities as she navigated this trying time without her husband home. Unfortunately, Doug passed away on March 29, 2022 at the age of 48. Despite the challenges he faced throughout the illness, he remained sarcastic and strong until the end.

The Thomas Family:

Comfort in the unexpected
“JPRO helped Dai’Chelle and I lay our son to rest. We are forever grateful and indebted to them for all they’ve done. We cannot say thank you enough for JPRO. Just like Jake became Jenn’s reason why, Camden has now become ours. Once again, thank you Jenn and the JPRO team for helping us in our time of need.”

– Cameron Thomas

Read The Thomas' Story

On April 27, 2022 at approximately 11:30 P.M. our lives changed, not in a good way but in a way that was not foreseen and heartbreaking.

My wife, Dai’Chelle was pregnant with our first child! We were over the hills with excitement. A son! I felt as if I was given the chance to be the father mine was never to me. We agreed not to make him a junior but to name him Camden Gordon Thomas. Camden had the same middle and last name as me, but his first name, that was all for him. For him to find out who he wanted to be.

I was looking forward to seeing my son grow and excel in life. I know the dangers of this life, and yes I think it’s fair to say that Dai’Chelle and I were a little nervous about bringing Camden into such a dangerous world. However, with time we continued to put our faith in God and that fear subsided. I read once in a “new father to be” book that Dai’Chelle purchased for me, that mothers become mothers the moment they find out they are pregnant. That was totally the case for my wife! She began taking vitamins, watching what she ate, and purchasing countless of toys for Camden. At one point I had to tell her to slow down! I look back on how wonderful Dai’Chelle was and how excited she was to become a mom. The mere thought brings me so much joy. I recall telling many of my work brothers that Dai’Chelle was pregnant. One of my work brothers was a groomsman in our wedding. He was able to tell me that he and his wife were also pregnant. We later found out that two more couples in our group of friends were also expecting their first child. We were all full with joy for becoming fathers together. I am a police officer and my wife a registered nurse, so the people we work with become more like family to us.

Months went by and we continued to prepare for Camden’s arrival. We decided to go with the Thomas the Train theme, so almost everything in Camden’s room was either train related or blue. I decided to test my creativity and do an angled board and baton design in his bedroom. Everything was going great. In fact Dai’Chelle and I had just been to the doctor’s office a week before the dreadful April 27th date. The doctor told us countless times that everything was just fine and that this was a “textbook” pregnancy. The thought of Camden not being with us in just two more months was the furthest thing from our minds.

April 27th started out as any other day. Dai’Chelle left the house first to head into work and kissed me goodbye as she always does. I go back to sleep for a couple more hours before waking up and getting my day started and going to work myself. After work I managed to beat Dai’Chelle home. After work, she went out to dinner with her father, who was visiting from out of town. Once she got home we talked for a minute and she told me that Camden had not been kicking or moving as much as he normally does. I did not think anything about it and told her to hop in the shower and relax because he enjoys the warmth from the showers she takes. Dai’Chelle agreed and continued upstairs to get in the shower and relax.

After her shower, she came back downstairs with a worried look on her face. Dai’Chelle told me that she did not feel Camden moving while in the shower. I encouraged her to come sit down and get off her feet. Dai’Chelle agreed. The thought of anything bad happening to Camden was still the furthest thing on my mind. Dai’Chelle said to me that she recalled feeling Camden kicking while she was at work, but that was between the hours of noon and 3:00 P.M. Dai’Chelle and I fell asleep on the couch then she suddenly woke up. Dai’Chelles voice became shaky and she said, “Cameron I still have not felt Camden move, I’m calling the nurse hotline.” We were instructed to go to IU north in Carmel, IN. Once we got there Dai’Chelle was in tears. I remember thinking that there was nothing wrong, he’s going to be okay. We checked into the labor and delivery floor where we were greeted by Nurse Sarah. Dai’Chelle told Sarah exactly what she was feeling. Sarah then connected a heart monitor to Dai’Chelles belly… NOTHING… I, we, heard nothing. Sarah proceeded to place these monitors on Dai’Chelles belly and pressed really hard… still NOTHING… I heard my wife cry out. My heart broke… I was in complete shock. I recall Sarah saying that she needed to go get a doctor. The doctor came into the room and used the ultrasound and there once again… NOTHING… I recall holding Dai’Chelles hand and looking at the ultrasound screen. I still could not believe that our baby boy did not have a heartbeat and that he was not kicking. I was wondering why this lady was pushing so hard on him. I could not believe that we heard… NOTHING.

I informed my Captain that I would not be coming into work the next day. We were sent home that night and told to wait for contractions to begin. We made the proper phone calls to family. Dai’Chelle began to have her contractions and back to IU North we were. Dai’Chelle gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, Camden April 28, 2022 at 6:29 P.M. I’ll never forget the fact that I was still holding out hope however, there still was NOTHING. No cry from Camden, no body movement from Camden, there was nothing but our cries. We got the chance to have Camden with us for a couple of days in a cooling crib. We were very grateful for that opportunity. Once we agreed to let Camden go, we left the hospital. It was so hard leaving him there.

Funeral arrangements were made for our son. One of my work brothers, Reggie Thomas, informed me that he reached out to JPRO and told the organization that Camden was stillborn. I knew that JPRO was an organization that was created in memory of Deputy Jake Pickett from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. I knew Jake from my time at the Sheriff’s Office as a jail deputy. Jake was killed while I was in the academy, just weeks before I would have been given the opportunity to work the road with him. Later I received a call from Jennifer Pickett, Jakes wife. Jenn informed me that JPRO wanted to help us through this difficult time. When you’re expecting a child the thought of having to bury him never enters your mind. Dai’Chelle and I went from awaiting Camden’s arrival to picking a cemetery, funeral home, and a plot to place our son in.

As I write this I’m still in disbelief, but so grateful for organizations like JPRO and people like Jenn Picket that have the heart like Jake did to help others in their time of need. JPRO helped Dai’Chelle and I lay our son to rest. We are forever grateful and indebted to them for all they’ve done. We cannot say thank you enough for JPRO. Just like Jake became Jenn’s reason why, Camden has now become ours. Once again, thank you Jenn and the JPRO team for helping us in our time of need.


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