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Tragedy Is Unconventional

We count on our law enforcement members every day. Their families are an integral part of their service, standing with them as they serve our communities. However when tragedy hits a law enforcement family in an unconventional way, one that is not clearly defined to provide conventional support, then there is often none to be found. Tragedies like a spouse’s devastating diagnosis, a sick child, a tragic accident, or a mental health crisis. These command unconventional action.

In memory of our befallen hero, Jake Pickett, and all those who give selflessly as he had, we choose to respond. Especially when support is otherwise missing. We will step up and #respondlikejake.

How we can help

Relieve hardships for the law enforcement family

Find unconventional ways to help ease the effect of tragedy

Support a more caring world

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for time sensitive immediate critical needs


for medical, household, professional, and family needs


for families to handle crises with less day to day stress

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The Gauthier Family:

Facing the unseen with a 4-legged partner 
Read Teddy's Story

My name is Teddy Gauthier. I grew up in Florida and served in Intelligence for 7 years in the Army. I deployed to Iraq and didn’t realize what that did to me, but others noticed. I was Honorably Discharged October 2009 and started 3 weeks later with Carmel PD. No down time.


You don’t talk about PTSD when you are on the job. You just get the job done. You see things you cannot unsee and just like a junk drawer, when you don’t talk about those things and keep shoving it in the drawer, eventually it bursts open. That junk comes out in the form of anxiety attacks, blackouts, depression, anger, pushing people away, and lack of sleep to name just a few. I helped others with their mental health but didn’t get help for myself. With all of these symptoms and more affecting myself, my family, and my job, I agreed to get help and medically retired from the PD and in the process had to relinquish my K9 partner.


I still have nightmares and triggers but with help from my counselor, I can recognize them more often and occasionally just have to walk away or hide for a bit until I can regain control. I believe a PTSD Service Dog would benefit me and help keep me on the right track of managing my life and enjoying time with my wife and 4 boys.


I am thankful to Hero Family Outreach (HFO) and Jacob Pickett Response Organization (JPRO) for partnering together to raise funds to provide me with a PTSD Service Dog through HFO’s Paws 4PTSD program. I can’t wait to meet my new 4-legged partner when training is complete.”

We are currently partnering with Hero Family Outreach:
Paws 4 PTSD program to raise funds for PTSD service dog training.

The Farinella Family:

Conquering the path to remission

“JPRO is an organization that is and will always be very close to my heart! Their donation to myself and family a few years ago, really helped with the medical bills that were coming in after a very shocking stage IV lung cancer diagnosis. I am happy to say that as of August 27, 2021, I was told that I am in remission! Thank you again JPRO for everything you do for the law enforcement families in need. You truly are appreciated!”

-Amanda Farinella

Read Amanda's Story


On October 9th, 2019, Amanda Farinella was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer with metastasizes to the spine, ribs, vertebrae, lymph nodes, and liver. She is a loving wife to her husband, Joe Farinella, who is a deputy for Tipton County Sheriff’s Department. She is an amazing mother to two daughters (3rd and 5th grade), and a fur-momma to their retired police K9 Aik. Amanda is known by others to be sweet, caring, and hard-working.


On March 7th, 2020, we hosted the 2nd Annual Deputy Jacob Pickett Remembrance Day as a fundraiser for the Farinella family. The Jacob Pickett Response Organization donated money raised to help cover medication costs, cancer treatments, and any ancillary services she and her family needed along this journey.


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